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Getting involved in the Maryland Republican Party (MDGOP) or any political party can be an exciting, rewarding experience. It can allow you to make a difference on issues that matter most to you and give you an opportunity to become more engaged in your community and government. Here are ten ways you can get involved in the MDGOP:

Ten Ways to get involved with the MDGOP


Join a local GOP club

There are many local Republican clubs in different cities and counties throughout Maryland. These clubs are great for networking, sharing ideas, and staying informed about local issues. [more]


Attend GOP events

The MDGOP often hosts a variety of events such as rallies, fundraisers, and town hall meetings. Attending these events not only shows your support for the party but also helps you learn about current political issues and candidates. [more]



During election years, there are countless opportunities to volunteer for local, state, and national campaigns. This can involve phone banking, canvassing, or even hosting a meet-and-greet. [more]


Become a precinct chair

A precinct chair is a party\’s representative in a specific voting district. They\’re responsible for organizing and getting out the vote in their area. [more]


Join or start a Young Republicans Club:

If you\’re a younger member or supporter of the party, consider joining or starting a Young Republicans Club at your school or in your community. [more]


Maryland Federation of Republican Women

These clubs are part of the larger NFRW, one of the country\’s largest women’s political organizations. The federation promotes the principles of the Republican Party and supports Republican candidates [more]


Maryland Federation of TAR

This is an organization for teenagers who are interested in getting involved with the Republican Party. TARs provide a way for teens to engage in political activism. [more]


Maryland Republican Clubs

Maryland is home to a robust and active Republican community, evident in the existence of over 50 Republican clubs spread across the state. These clubs serve as essential grassroots organizations, uniting Republicans from various backgrounds and regions under a common banner. [more]

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