No Sanctuary State


Oppose Maryland Becoming a Sanctuary State

Dear Members of The Maryland General Assembly,

The following bills: HB388, HB403/SB903, & HB677/SB850 are up for consideration this legislative session, and if passed, would turn Maryland into a sanctuary state.

HB388 prohibits MD law enforcement officers from making immigration status inquiries about lawfully arrested individuals or individuals who have served a sentence in MD, from honoring an ICE detainer warrant for these individuals, or transferring these individuals to any federal immigration authorities without an MD judicial warrant.

HB403/SB903 would block federal immigration authorities from accessing public schools, hospitals, and courthouses.

HB677/SB850 which bans private entities from receiving MD state government contracts to house immigration detainees, and to terminate any such existing contracts by 10/01/2021.

If any of these bills should come before you for a vote, I urge that you oppose and vote against any measures that would lead to Maryland becoming a sanctuary state.

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