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President Trump can’t Make America Great Again all on his own!

He needs dedicated supporters in Maryland and across the country to step up big this year.

Did you know?  In 2016, President Trump:

  • Won 17 Maryland Counties (Hillary only carried 7)
  • Flipped Somerset County RED
  • Earned nearly 1,000,000 Maryland votes!

Now, the president needs Maryland’s million strong army of supporters to help him Keep America Great!

You know that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are doing everything in their power to deny Donald Trump from scoring any more victories in Washington.

That’s why MDGOP is launching an early start to our 2019 Fall MAGA Membership Drive.  Over the next three months, we will be aggressively targeting swing voters, as well as knocking doors and making phone calls to supporters on key issues where the Democrats are stalling progress.

That means Maryland has a key role to play in infrastructure, rebuilding our military, and replacing Obamacare with real reforms.

In short, we have a lot of work to do.

Please Activate your MAGA Membership to show President Trump that you have his back.

Thanks for acting on this, right away.

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