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From Katherine Adelaide – Member of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee



Thank you Pro-Life MDGOP 1st vice Chair Nicole Bennett for your work on REDISTRICTING which will have a direct impact on getting Pro-Life Republican candidates elected to public office and ending abortion.

MONDAY, JULY 12 at 6:00 pm. After several successful calls where we were able to ensure that the Commission heard our point of view, we still need to keep up the pressure! Very soon these Zoom calls will be ending and we will be having in-person meetings regarding redistricting. Until we can have those meetings please try to make it a point to participate in the Zoom calls. We have come too far to give up now. Let’s keep sounding the alarm!

Special thanks to those who are offering testimony, sending in written testimony and sharing these emails to get the word out. The talking points that may be used as a guide are attached and I hope to see/hear you on the call tomorrow.

It is not required that you live in Baltimore County to participate. You may participate on any (and every if you so choose) redistricting call.

Remember the Commission is not answering questions, rather they are listening to Marylanders thoughts on redistricting. Please consider helping in this effort.

As always, thank you very much for your support of MDGOP and the Republicans in our State. Together we can affect positive change!

Listening session for Baltimore County:
https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_E6At-8raSYGBWhAnPFWq-A In service,
Nicole Bennett
1st Vice Chairman, Maryland Republican Party

Contact Katherine Adelaide at 301-575-488-94 more information.


Defend Life’s 21st annual Maryland Face the Truth tour, July 26th – 30th. Defend Life is still seeking Core Team Members, all expenses paid, including travel, lodging and food. So, skip your expensive “destination” or “adventure” vacation this year and save lives now from abortion. Go to http://defendlife.org/docs/facethetruthtour2021.pdf for more information and how to register.


Mark your calendar for the 2021 Maryland State Fair 8/26-9/6. I have volunteered at both the MDGOP booth and the Maryland Right to Life booths in the past and will do so again this year. This is a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and serve the Maryland Community.



The Spirit of Independence Day continued with Gettysburg Bike Week which I attended with my Pro-Life comrades from Virginia on Saturday, July 10 and which ended yesterday, Sunday, July 11th.

As an aside, the focus of this column is Pro-Life events in Maryland with a special emphasis on Pro-Life/Equal Protection Legislation during the Maryland legislative session from January through April. I want to inform and equip my fellow Central Committee members to take action and INTERPOSE for Life locally, as opposed to Nationally, at the State, County and Municipal levels of Government in Maryland in accordance with the RNC Pro-Life platform on behalf of our constituents who elected us. We have all been deceived to address and project our Pro-Life concerns onto the national stage and wait around for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. After almost 60 years and 60 million and counting deaths of American citizens, that is no longer a viable option. It will be great, if and when it ever happens, but we the average citizens and members of the Central Committee cannot wait; we must take our cause of ending abortion to the state and local legislative venues. The only individuals in the MDGOP who have any impact on the National level are: 1. The Chair; 2. The National Committeeman and Committeewoman; and 3 . The RNC delegates once every four years. Dirk, David, Nicolee and our RNC delegates all did a great job supporting the Trump Train and preserving our Pro-Life RNC platform until the Trump Train was literally derailed by massive election fraud, which is why I now include Election Integrity as a Pro-Life Issue in my column. I urge my fellow Committee members to regularly lobby those individuals in the MDGOP who represent US at the National level to remember the Pre-Born in every email and other communications with the RNC that they make on our behalf as our elected officials in the MDGOP.

I mention all of this for general purposes and in case you’re wondering why I’m participating in a second Pro-Life event in Pennsylvania and what that has to do with ending abortion in Maryland.

The number one reason was because I was invited by an experienced First Amendment Pro-Life activist from Virginia, Jonathan, whom I introduced you to last week and whose work I greatly respect; Gettysburg is only 20 minutes from me and the legislature is not in session, so this is my off-season volunteer Pro-Life work. I can be a little more flexible and take time to hone my first amendment activist street skills. Finally, it’s Summertime and a “first time” experience opportunity that even a straight- laced, super conservative like myself could not resist. And what an adventure it was!

Back to Gettysburg Bike Week as a Pro-Life activist from Maryland. Last week it was the Patriots and Tourists for the 4th of July. This week it was a very different scene with tens of thousands of bikers from Pennsylvania, Maryland and beyond. We set up displays and handed out literature at two venues, first at the Harley-Davidson dealer location about 10 minutes north of Gettysburg for most of the day. We moved to the Heritage Center in the heart of Gettysburg to catch the Biker and Tourist dinner crowds. Stay tuned! Next week I will share with you The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of my first ever Pro-Life 1st Amendment foray into the Biker Community.

“Where Injustice is Law and Resistance is Duty”

Quote from Bikers For Life

In Christ and the Constitution,

Katherine Adelaide, JD, Member Carroll County Republican Central (CCRCC) Committee


*Apologies everyone for getting to the Spotlight and Pro Life report after the Redistricting meeting was already concluded. Thank you everyone for participating.

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