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From Katherine Adelaide – Member of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee



The Hyde Amendment is in Danger!


As Congress works on its annual spending bills, the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer-funded abortions, is at risk.

It is estimated that before the Hyde Amendment took effect, the Medicaid program was paying for about 300,000 elective abortions annually, and the number was escalating rapidly.

The greatest domestic abortion-reduction measure ever enacted by Congress, the Hyde Amendment is estimated to have saved over 2.4 million innocent pre-born lives.

We need your help to tell Congress to vote against any government funding bill that eliminates or weakens the Hyde Amendment. Please TAKE ACTION today.


When we are a voice for the voiceless, lives are saved!


Defend Life’s 21st annual Maryland Face the Truth Tour, July 26th – 30th. Defend Life is still seeking Core Team Members, all expenses paid, including travel, lodging and food. So, skip your expensive “destination” or “adventure” vacation this year and save lives now from abortion. Go to http://defendlife.org/docs/facethetruthtour2021.pdf for more information and how to register.

* Highlight the HTTP address and then hit the open button to access the website.


Mark your calendar for the 2021 Maryland State Fair 8/26-9/6. I have volunteered at both the MDGOP booth and the Maryland Right to Life booths in the past and will do so again this year. This is a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and serve the Maryland Community.

Email/call julie@mdrtl.org



Continuing in the Spirit of Summer of ’21/ Independence Day here is a review of the American biking subculture which I am calling “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Truth about Abortion).”


ROLLING THUNDER: Prior to my attendance at Gettysburg Bike Week, my only experience with biker subculture was visiting “Thunder Alley” (the official vendor site for the DC Rolling Thunder event), during Memorial Day weekend many years ago. I purchased my one and only piece of biker apparel, a black leather fringed authentic “red rose” vest, in order to support their cause of bringing attention to the POWS (Prisoners of War) and MIAS (Missing in Action) from the Vietnam War and all American wars thereafter. Many years later, I would be doing “Red Rose Rescues” at abortion clinics, making that black leather Red Rose motorcycle vest a Pro-Life touchstone for Gettysburg Bike week.

Rolling Thunder, headquartered in New Jersey, is a non-profit advocacy group engaged in legislation, First Amendment protests and service to vets, now including suicide prevention. Rolling Thunder made its first run in 1988 with 2,500 participants and peaked at 500,000 bikers in 2018. After a “Blessing of the Bikes” at the National Cathedral on Friday of Memorial Day weekend, the First Amendment protest and “Ride to the Wall” (Vietnam Memorial) occurs on Sunday.

I came of age at the tail end of the Vietnam War, the only war America lost and the first brutally televised war. Vietnam vets have a special place in my heart, and I’m glad to see them get the long overdue respect that they always deserved for their military service.

Sadly, for financial reasons, Rolling Thunder made its last national ride in 2019, and I remember them roaring through Carroll County on their way to DC. Ninety local chapters still exist which assist veterans.

I discover the most interesting trivia when I do research for this column. For example, did you know there was a movie called “Rolling Thunder” with Tommy Lee Jones and William Devane which came out in 1977 and received 7.5/10 rating? I never heard of it until today. Maybe I missed it because I had an unplanned pregnancy that year, and despite immense pressure to abort, I gave birth to my daughter, my only child. I was a young new mom back then, but perhaps I will get a chance to watch it this summer.


“Bikers for Life is a movement of bikers committed to the non-violent defense of the unborn and their mothers through the eradication of legalized abortion. It is a victory we will pursue with complete resolve and without compromise or apology.”

The mission of Bikers for Life is to be a “catalyst to help the general public to become AWARE, ALERT and EDUCATED about the entire abortion industry, the evils, and REALITY of the pre and post issues that abortion presents.”

Biker For Life, Bill “Moe” Moore has begun a new radio show at www.UpperRoomChristianradio.com this Sunday night 7-8pm and that will be aired on the Bikers for Life FB page live as well.

Bikers for Life is having their First Ever National Gathering in Bowie, Texas on May 28, 2022. Unfortunately, that’s not Bowie Maryland, but rather Bowie, Texas.

Email: ridingfortheunborn@gmail.com

Join Bikers For Life today for free and receive your complementary Bikers For Life Membership patch at: http://www.bikersforlife.com/membership

FREE Basic Membership includes:
Facebook Alerts
Choice of Bikers for Life Decal
or 5″ vest patch.
No Membership fees.

“Where Injustice is Law and Resistance is Duty”


American biker subculture is rooted in the idea of rebellion against society’s norms and against authority. It is about brash individualism, saying and doing what you want despite what others may think. In Trump, many bikers found an unlikely idol: a non-biker real estate billionaire who nonetheless presents himself as a rebel, outsider and disruptor.

Bikers hate liberals and tend to gravitate toward Republican candidates at election time. Trump is their man and the things about him that annoy some conservatives, absolutely enthrall the biking community.

The “biker love” has not gone unoticed. Trump has repeatedly acknowledged the Bikers for Trump group, which is now a political action committee, and he included them as key allies in 2016 and 2020. They are already gearing up for 2024.

Bikers for Trump launched the official online petition to encourage Trump, the most Pro-Life president in American history, to take back the Presidency. According to their website, “tens of thousands of supporters have already signed the petition in the first few days.” Supporters may sign the petition here: https://www.bikersfortrump.com/

Stay tuned! Next week I will share with you The Bad (Boys of Bikes) I encountered at Gettysburg Bike Week. Sadly, not everyone appreciated my Pro-Life message.

Remember the Pre-Born this Summer and Take Action!

In Christ and the Constitution,

Katherine Adelaide, JD, Member Carroll County Republican Central (CCRCC) Committee


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