HB304 – Lauren Arikan

Delegate Lauren Arikan Questioning on HB304

Leftist Democrats are trying to legalize tent cities!

HB304, introduced by radical democrat Delegate Sheila Ruth would prevent law enforcement from enforcing the crime of “Failure to Obey a Lawful Order.”

Thank you to Delegate Lauren Arikan for your questioning to the sponsor and revealing the real effects this will have on Marylanders/

This would prevent law enforcement officers from asking people to move away from public spaces like sidewalks in front of businesses or people’s homes, playgrounds, parks, and schools. This effectively legalizes the tent cities we’ve seen pop up in west coast cities like San Francisco and Seattle.

Sign your name below to let the Democrats in Annapolis know you DO NOT SUPPORT HB304 and DO NOT WANT TENT CITIES in Maryland.

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