Trump Top 10

President Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments

Trump Top 10 - Oct 2020

1) Saving Lives through Accelerated COVID-19 Vaccine Development: As part of Operation Warp Speed, President Trump has funded the expedited production and nationwide distribution of a free COVID-19 vaccine by January 2021 for all Americans.

2) 11.4 million jobs in 5 months.

3) Supporting Safe School Re-openings: President Trump is encouraging schools to reopen safely and empower parents to make decisions about their children’s education.

4) Handling China: President Trump acted swiftly to protect the USA from COVID-19 by restricting air travel from China in January. President Trump is also utilizing the Defense Production Act to manufacture much-needed medical supplies in the USA, reducing our dependence on foreign nations.

5) Keeping Communities Safe: Law & order and emergency services safeguard our free society, and President Trump is protecting communities and federal buildings when some city leaders’ refuse to stop violent mobs.

6) Negotiating Fairer Trade Agreements. Effective July 1, 2020, President Trump is creating more US manufacturing jobs and empowering our economy by replacing NAFTA with USMCA.

7) Enacting Criminal Justice Reform through the First Step Act.

8) Lowering Prescription Drug Costs. President Trump signed executive orders creating discounts on insulin and EpiPens, allowing importation of prescription drugs from other countries, and ensuring that Americans pay the lowest price available for Medicare Part B drugs.

9) Securing the Border: President Trump has greatly enhanced border security resulting in decreased drug and gang activity, and reduced human and sex trafficking across our Southern Border.

10) Advancing Religious Freedom: Using every tool available, President Trump has worked tirelessly to hold oppressive foreign regimes accountable for persecuting religious minorities, while firmly standing for religious assembly here in America.

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  1. Unemployment Rate Info
  2. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  3. Median Household Income
  4. 6 Million People No Longer Need Food Stamps
  5. Energy Production
  6. 500,000 New Manufacturing Jobs
  7. Criminal Justice Reform
  8. Cutting Regulations
  9. Right to Try
  10. Opportunity Zones
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