Truth – Nicolee Ambrose for Congress

Baltimore, MD — The Maryland Republican Party has released the following ad in support of Nicolee Ambrose for Congress.

My name is Nicolee Ambrose, candidate for Congress and I approve this message.

Hi, My name is Denise, and as I mother I’ve always taught my kids to tell the truth. The truth is Dutch Ruppersberger doesn’t care about us, and now he’s spending thousands of dollars trying to convince us he does. But I’m not fooled.

Last year Dutch sponsored laws [into] Congress defunding the police. He put radical priorities above protecting my family.

Look, this election is personal to me. Under Dutch’s watch, my son was killed in Baltimore city.

Where was Dutch? Nowhere to be found.

Dutch, tell the truth about your votes to defund the police. The truth will set you free.

It’s time for change.

Join me in voting for Nicolee Ambrose. Nicolee Ambrose cares and will protect us by fighting for Maryland’s future.

This ad was paid for by the Maryland Republican Party,

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