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Steven Strawn



Though I was born in Washington, DC, Maryland has been my home for more than six decades. Most of my teen years were spent working on a horse farm in Prince George’s County and learning life’s lessons from the incredible folks who shared an equine passion. Growing up without strong parental influence, I still feel fortunate to this day for the role models who ‘saddled up’ and showed me right from wrong and the meanings of work ethic, respect, kindness, and bravery.

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Scott Gibson

Candidate for Alderman – Ward 2


I grew up in a family that taught us the value of hard work and the importance of giving back. We need leaders dedicated to building a stronger more connected community here in Annapolis. With nearly two decades of public service – both in the halls of government and at the helm of one of the region’s largest nonprofits – I know what it takes to bring people together, find solutions, cut the red tape, and get things done.

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Monica Manthey

Candidate for Alderman – Ward 5

Monica Manthey Text Campaign

I graduated from Washington State University with a BA in communications, which has served me well in my 20+year Federal Government career. With less than $5K in debt after college (work study programs/ leadership opportunities offset the costs of room & board/tuition), I learned early on the value of a dollar, hard work, and the importance of NOT SPENDING more than you make. Serving as Director on the Board of the Society of American Military Engineers, (SAME) for 6 years, and a member of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has given me the opportunity to provide process oversight while ensuring solutions for multi-million-dollar contracts and projects, maintaining effective open communication, solving intricate compliance goals, meeting deadlines, and collaborating with both sides of management for success. My business & professional experience, coupled with effective life skills, will be an asset when I serve as your next city council Alderwoman, navigating the mismanaged, misaligned, misappropriated city council budget. As Alderwoman, I will also strive to eliminate wasteful spending, improve processes, increase transparency, create a safer, more self-sustaining community, and manage your tax dollars wisely.

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George Gallagher

Candidate for Alderman – Ward 6

George Gallagher A long-time resident of Ward 6. George and his wife, Edilene are parents to Elisabeth and Michael. Professionally, George has worked in the biotechnology industry for more than 30 years. As a community leader, George served as President of the Irvine (CA) Conservancy, where a key objective was preserving coastal open space. He also served as Transportation and Infrastructure Commissioner, then as a Member of the Planning Commission. Locally, George is a Ward 6 advocate for fiscal responsibility, he is active in children’s sports programs, and is active in his local church.
George Gallagher is the best candidate for Ward 6. VOTE for George GALLAGHER. Find George on Facebook

Rock Toews

Candidate for Alderman – Ward 8


Rock has been an active citizen of Annapolis for many years. He owns Back Creek Books, which started in his basement, went to the Internet, and finally became a storefront on Main Street in downtown Annapolis. Rock lives with his wife of 25 years in the house he bought in Eastport 30 years ago. He has served on the City’s Historic Preservation Commission as well as the boards of the Charles Carroll House, the Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College, and the West River Quaker Burial Ground. As both a long time resident and a business owner within the City of Annapolis, Rock brings a particularly balanced perspective to the issues facing the City Council. Rock wants to make sure we use our money wisely, that our police department is fully staffed, that we maintain and increase public water access, and that we manage development for the benefit of all residents.

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