Cecil County Candidates

Cecil County Candidates

Danielle Hornberger

County Executive


Danielle is a wife, mom, former teacher, and active member of the community, she will preserve our Republican values, restore our legacy of putting Cecil County’s families first, and protect our rural beauty.

She plans to create and attract good jobs, and recruit and expand businesses, without raising taxes.

Cecil county families deserve safe and opioid-free streets, Second Amendment protection, more opportunities for veterans, and the ability to afford to live and retire here.

Danielle plans to be a Republican leader who will work with our state and federal leaders, from President Donald Trump to Governor Larry Hogan to Congressman Andy Harris, to bring more state and federal funds to Cecil County.

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Bob Meffley

County Council – District 1


Bob Meffley was elected in 2016 to serve as the Council Member from the First District, which includes Chesapeake City, Cecilton, Earleville, Warwick and Fredericktown. He was appointed as Council President in 2018.

Mr. Meffley is a Cecil County businessman who has owned and operated H&B Plumbing and Heating for 36 years.  As a lifelong resident of Cecil County, he lives in Chesapeake City.

Jackie Gregory

County Council – District 5


Jackie Gregory was elected in 2016 to serve as the Council Member from the Fifth District, which includes North East and Elk Neck. She was appointed to serve as Council Vice President in 2018.

Ms. Gregory is a graduate of Liberty University and earned her Master’s Degree of Education from McDaniel College.  She has worked in the education field for 17 years.  She founded the Cecil County Patriots in 2009.

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